Sunday, November 16, 2014

18 months

At 18 months you are getting more and more like a kid and not a baby. You say a lot of words like daddy, doggie, cheese, eat, water, rhino, dino, me, hi, bye, mickey, paw patrol, tick tock, snack, i do, and more.

You still sleep average 6-6 and 9-11 for nap. You live for animals and would give anything for a cat. You like cheese, yogurt, eggs, and milk the best. 

You were 34" and 26.15 lbs. 


You dressed up as a monkey for Halloween. We went to AFIT trick or treating and you did great holding out your bucket for candy. The next day we had friends over for a spooky playdate. At night we went our the neighborhood. It was late for you but you were a trooper. A lollipop perked you right up when you had enough.


We get our moneys worth from our annual pass to Boonshoft. This month we went with Collin and again with school friends. You go nuts for the turtle. But also have a spot spot for the grocery store. The animals rank high too.

Run around fun time

We had a fun family day to Run around fun time. It was a blast and I see many more visits in our future. You went crazy over a bounce house filled with balls. You liked the lemonade stand quite a bit too. And who could forget the stuffed cat you carried everywhere.