Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/7 weeks old

Here you are at 6 and 7 weeks old hanging around the house after your brother went to bed. You are most awake at night when you get time to hang out with daddy alone.

Auntie Sam

We were so lucky that Auntie Sam came to meet you. She held you a lot and even fed you too. She brought you a new onesie that says pants are overrated. You got to stay up late for tv and chocolate fondue even if you didn't get to eat any yet.


We take you to a lot of outings like the supermarket, mall, farms, parks, and play dates but you sleep during 99% of them.

One month

At one month old you are growing and changing everyday. At your 2 weeks appointment you weighed 10 pounds, but I'm sure since then gained even more. You eat 3 ounces of formula every 3 hours. You wear 3 month clothing. Sleep is all over the place in few hour stretches with mommy and daddy taking shifts hanging out with you. You can roll over from your belly to your back quite well.