Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Minion movie

We took you to your first movie to see the Minions. You did better then I expedited lasting the whole movie. We did bring juice boxes and buy the biggest popcorn they had, but still.

Hershey Park

Our first roadtrip to spend a few days at Hershey park with Gammie, Auntie Christie, Hailey, Emma, And Lucas. You did great on the car ride and were so excited to see everyone. The first day we went on a ride thru the factory and ate at Friendly's. The second day we went to the park where you did every ride some even twice. The last day we got to make our own candy bars before driving the 7 hours home. You still talk about the trip all the time mostly the cow ride. You loved having Hailey pay so much attention to you. 


Another annual summer event the Clark county fair. You went nuts for all the animals cows, sheep, goats, horses, bunnies, chickens. All the tractors and lawn mowers were fun too. You and RJ shared a lemonade after the hot morning.

Columbus zoo

It was time for our annual free military zoo trip. We took our picture with the gorilla statue like usual. And this trip was special because you got up close with the giraffe. We saw a few other neat things like lion feedings too.

Ice cream day

What else would we do on national ice cream day but eat it. You and RJ had fun sharing it.

July 4th

For the 4th of July you got stay up late and see fireworks for the first time. You liked them for a little while and naming the colors you saw. But then you wanted to get home to bed. The next day we went to the parade. You enjoyed seeing everything go by including the storm trooper. You also got the hang of the run to grab candy part fast.


We love going to Boonshoft with friends. We have been really lucky to find some great ones that you talk about non stop. You always ask about Aubrey.

Family visit

Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Sam, and Uncle Alex came to visit us. You start right where you left off climbing all over everyone. We did a lot of fun things like Young's and swimming at their hotel. Nana stayed with us for a week after. We did fun things like library and park playdate. At the end of the week we drove her to Indy to see her sister. We went to play at a church play place and ate at Cracker Barrel. 

Great Wolfe Lodge

We took a local trip to a water park hotel for a night. You loved the water and went down the slides a bunch of times. We got fun ice cream there too. You picked a penguin. We spent a lot of time climbing on a wolf statue and at the arcade too. You and RJ shared bunk beds in your own little cabin part of the room, a huge hit.