Saturday, October 18, 2014


We spend a lot of time in our backyard. We are lucky to have a swing set and lots of toys like tball set and water table.


We had a playdate with a friend of RJ's from school Cayden. He was so great with you spinning you and playing chase. You love getting a chance to play with the big kids at the park. He has a little brother too, but he still has some growing up to do before he can keep up with your speed.

Central Park

As you can see we spend a lot of time at playgrounds and you are a daredevil on the slides. This is the park close to our house. You and your brother played race on the slides but you didn't know you were playing a game.

Auntie Sam

We were so lucky to have Auntie Sam come visit us. You took to her right away and were jumping all over her, which amazed me because you usually take time to warm up. We took her to Steak and Shake, elephants, apple picking, apple festival with a hay ride, and a lot of playing around the house. You loved sitting on her lap and climbing on her.

Collin birthday party

We went to a great birthday party full of fun games, a magic show, balloon animals, face painting, and cupcakes too. Your fav part was throwing bean bags into cans to knock them over. The snacks like popcorn and cheese weren't bad either.

Sun flowers

We went to play in a big patch of sunflowers. You ran nuts smelling them all. We also stopped at youngs for a pumpkin picture.

Big slide park

We found a new park with a giant slide. You are always willing to try what the big kids are doing. You go zooming down. After we got ice cream at Friendlys and even a stop for dog food or to see the kittyyyyyyy as you would say. 

Orcherdly park

We could move in to this psrk its amazing how much they have to do. Your fav is the see saw and spinning things. Swings are up there too.

Children's museum

We went to a new children's museum in cincinatti. They had a lot of great things for your age like a lego area and supermarket. You loved running around checking everything out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


At 17 months you say doggie, daddy, RJ, and hi atleast 15 times a day. Other words that get used only once in a while include duck, cheese, moo, read, bye, yuck, me.

I am amazed by the word count so keep up the good work.