Sunday, March 30, 2014

Milk shake

When daddy works late we have a fun day of church play area followed by dinner of sliders and milk shakes. You ate more then your brother and I combined.

10 months

Not much has changed from 9 to 10 months still a happy guy who is great about sleeping and eating. You are up to 6 teeth. You can stand up for a few seconds at a time. You crawl faster then light. You love your brothers matchbox cars the best and blocks and puzzles are fun to chew too. You love to eat bananas, yogurt, and mac and cheese the best. You have tried milk in a few different cup types to start getting ready for the transition. 


We found a new soft play area at a church this month and have been many times. They have soft stairs for you to climb on. Stairs happen to be your number one toy choice any chance you get.


You learned how to stand this month if we stand you up and let go of your hands. You even take a step or two before falling. You are so proud of yourself nothings makes you smile and giggle more.

Coco Key

We went to a water park hotel and loved it so much that we got an annual pass. You weren't so sure the first time we got in the pool, but since then have enjoyed it. We hang out int he kiddie pool holding your hands and letting you walk. You even tire yourself out so much that you take a nap in the stroller both times.


As the weather gets warmer we get to spend more time outside doing things like riding the police car and afternoons at the park. You smile the whole time your brother drives you around the neighborhood. You loved the park swings and have been a few times.

Air force museum

We spent a morning at the Air Force museum this month looking at all the large planes and even riding this one in the gift shop.