Thursday, October 31, 2013


We went to pick a pumpkin and found one that was bigger then you. But you looked cute sitting in the wagon with it and you big brother.

Gammie and Pop's house take 2

We went back to spend some more time with Gammie and Pop before heading home. We got to do all sorts of fun things like  playgrounds, stroller rides, hay rides, and birthday parties too You got to meet a lot of people like Aunt Maureen, Aunt Carolyn, Carol & Mary rose. Your cousins got to play with you and even help feed you. We had pictures taken with all the grandkids. Everyone you met couldn't get over how happy you were.

Nana and Grandpa's house

So many people came to meet you when we stayed with Nana and Grandpa. There was Ellen and
Barry who loved making you smile and remembering when their kids were that little. And cousins Laurie and Andrew who seem to forgot about the gross parts of having a baby snot and puke, but enjoyed the happy moments. We took you to places like the zoo, musuem, train ride, Auntie Sam's apartment, the dog park, and even Nana's work. But you had the most fun having out at home with everyone paying attention to you and making you smile and laugh. 


We spent the weekend at a wedding, You got to come to the rehearsal dinner and meet the bride who gave you your first taste of frosting so of course you loved her. We also went to a fun playground where you enjoyed the swings. The day of the wedding you spent time with Gammie while the wedding activities were going on. She said you were so well behaved and cute as always.

Gammie and Pop's House

We spent a few days at Gammie and Pop's house where you got lots of kisses and hugs. You loved all her new toys and even got to meet your cousin Lucas who is close to your age. It was the first time Auntie got to meet you too and she took no time to scoop you up and play. You older cousins Hailey and Emma thought it was cool to see you in person instead of on facetime. They liked to play peek a boo and sing songs to you. We took you to places like Rainforest cafe and Imagine that.


 You flew for the first time to Boston to see your grandparents and cousins and so much more. You did great in the airports and on the planes. This is you taking a nap at the layover.