Friday, May 29, 2015


On your birthday we started with presents. We got you a grill. Auntie Sam got you a sink and Auntie Christie got you car tracks. After breakfast we went to Touch a truck event where you got to sit in every type of truck out there. You loved the school bus the best. After that we came home for nap time. After nap we headed out to the carnival where you ran up to the first ride and helped yourself on it thru the exit line. And to think I didn't know if you would ride them without us with you, boy was I wrong. We finished the day with pizza Auntie Sam had sent and of course cake too, which you made a major mess of.

At the doctor you were 35 inches and 30 pounds.

Cayden's house

We have been spending a lot of time with the warm weather in Cayden's backyard. You love jumping on his trampoline the best. There's been many times in the kiddie pool and water table too. You and Cayden love playing together even if he is RJ's age you two have a special bond based on chase.

Birthday party

 We had a joint birthday party for your 2nd and RJ's 4th. It was a Paw Patrol theme because you beg to watch it every morning. We rented a big bouncy house, which was the hit of the day. Of course put a cake in front of you and you are very happy. We are so lucky this year to have made some amazing friends. We invited RJ's class and a lot of them have younger siblings your age.

Birthday gifts

Some early birthday gifts started coming in. We got you a roller coaster toy that was a huge hit. You smile and even put your hands up saying weeeeee when going down it. Gammie and Pop sent a spinning see saw. Of course it got a few test runs in the house before heading to the backyard. Since then it has been played with everyday.


We spent a family day at the zoo. Of course we had to visit the family's fav animal of the rhino for a bit. You got a kick out of the flamingo too since it was so close to see. You screamed with delight at every animal you saw like lions ans giraffes. You are def an animal lover from a young age.


The first egg hunt at AFIT didn't go so well for you. You even put eggs back on the ground from your basket not happy. But you looked cute in your outfit at least. You didn't complain about a basket full of new toys one bit either.