Friday, August 8, 2014

15 months

You say a few words to include Hi, Daddy, RJ, Bye, and maybe Fenway. You are happy most of the time. You take 1-2 naps depending on the day ranging from 1.5-3 total hours of naps. You sleep 6PM to 6:30AM most nights. You have 12 teeth that you are working on. You love to run and climb and keep us on our toes by doing things like standing on the coffee table. Your favorite foods include yogurt, bananas, pouches, and mac and cheese.

You were 32 inches and 24.9 pounds, which is 76% and 55% at your doctor visit yesterday.

Cincinnati zoo

I took you to the Cincinnati zoo for dollar day and while it was super crowded you didn't mind. You loved the elephants, polar bears, and petting zoo goats the best. It was fun to see your level of interest grow with each zoo trip we take and let's face it we go to a lot of zoos.


We love going to Young's to see the animals and play in the play area, which includes slides for you. You go nuts when you get close to the animals screaming high pitched things while also screaming hi hi hi at the same time. 

Play places

You are getting so brave at play places. You go thru all the tubes and zoom down the slides. You always look back at us so proud of yourself too.

Mall events

We like to go to the mall for story time, animal shows, safety day. You always go nuts over meeting the characters, while your brother hides behind your stroller using you as a shield. 


We went to the county fair, which of course you enjoyed seeing all the animals. The lawn mowers were a nice touch too. It has become our family tradition to go to the fair every summer and we all look forward to it. Next year you will be on all the rides with your brother.


You think your brother is the greatest thing to exist only animals could top it. You two are starting to play together and it makes for great pictures. This is of course when you aren't wrestling each other before someone gets hurt.


We have been spending a lot of time at Boonshoft this month and it's great to see how much you explore and enjoy it. The turtle was a huge hit and you kept going back to him over and over again. You also liked driving the recycling truck. The supermarket set up was fun and you carried the coffee container around for a while.

4th of July

I took you to the 4th of July parade and you enjoyed parts of it. But after an hour you were more interested in going home for nap so we did.