Friday, June 13, 2014


We went for a long weekend to Indy and stayed at a water park hotel, but the water was too cold and most of the swimming was done on shifts with your brother when you slept. But you were awake to go to the zoo and ride a carousal and see a tiger. You also got to roam the children's museum picking up musical instruments and petting stuffed animals. Of course one day was a cupcake playground type of day. And who could forget the trip the church play area where you loved the basketball court so much I thought we would never leave.

Columbus zoo

We love going to anything that involves animals and this month was no different. We went to the Columbus zoo and saw polar bears and many other animals. 

1 years old

Hard to believe a whole year has gone by. You have done a lot of growing in the past year and are up to 31 inches and 21.11 pounds.You loved the smash cake once I showed you what to do with it. You have 6 teeth. You still average 6PM to 6AM with 2 naps around 9-11AM and 2-3PM. You can walk all over the place. You love your blanket the most of anything. You don't get bottles anymore just milk in a cup and any type of food you want.


 As summer comes along we spent a lot of time outside on the swings and at Young's. You make such crazy noises when you see the goats squeal with joy. You also love the swings and love your brother even more.