Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mall play area

You love to play at the mall play area. You go down the slide backwards a lot. They got a new car to drive so now I chase you running from the play area to that car over and over .

Nana visit

Nana came to visit and we did a lot of fun things with her like Boonshoft, Milk shakes, custard, playground, play places, shopping, and a lot of books. 

Stick playground

We went to a nature reserve full of playground equipment made from rocks and sticks.

Ice cream

We spent much of the summer eating ice cream. I would guess from the amount in your face you enjoy it very much.

Fire truck festival

We went to a fire truck festival. You got to sit in the drivers seat of a few trucks old and new. You threw a big fit when it was someone elses turn so I will take that to mean you enjoyed it.