Friday, January 3, 2014


We went to Miami to visit a lot of people including Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Sam, Alex, Aunt Simi, Uncle David, Aunt Stephie, Uncle, Joe, Cousins Nat and Tre, Bubba Chick and Papa Dick. You did a lot of holding onto to Mommy while flirting with everyone. You went to the beach for the first time and din't love the sand in your toes, but did love the wind in your hair. You enjoyed the pool too. Some people you met for the first time and others were surprised to see how much you grew since the last visit.


Christmas eve we went to see a train display and ate a turkey dinner, where you loved the cranberry sauce. Of course you were too young to understand the anticipation of Santa coming, but it didn't stop you from diving into presents the next morning. Of course there was a break for a bottle in the wrapping paper pile too. Your presents included a chair, ball, fire truck, blocks,and tool bench.

Gammie and Pop visit

Gammie and Pop came to visit to celebrate Christmas. We did fun things like a puppet show, eat Mickey pancakes, decorate our tree, open presents, and even an outdoor light display. Gammie discovered you love when someone holds your hands. Your gifts from Gammie and Pop included a walker, kitchen, and farm. You opened gifts from Auntie Christie and family too and got bath cups, super hero pjs, foam blocks, and a digger with your name on it.


We celebrated Hanukkah and you got 8 nights of small gifts. Your gifts included a musical book, glow warm, drum, phone, camera, and keys. You enjoyed them all and of course the wrappings too.