Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The holidays in our house start with 8 nights of Hanukaha filled with Elmo and Mickey and move on to have Christmas with a piano and a kitchen to share. Followed by a week at Gammie and Pops with a lot of cousin time too. Highlights for you included playing with your cousins, swimming, and bowling. While there you got to have a second Christmas full of lots of play food for your new kitchen and Elmo too. After that we went to Auntie Sam and Alex's house for a week to see Nana and Summer too. You took to Alex right away and loved jumping all over him. You had a special bond with Summer, who enjoyed licking you up and down. Nana got to come on some special outings on this trip like Bass Pro shop and a play place. 


The first snow of the season brought the first time you were old enough to want to play in it. You shoveled a bit and let me pull you around in the sled. After that you were too cold and practically begged to go inside.

Field trip

As the second child you get to tag along on your brother's field trips. This particular morning was to a nature preserve where we went on a hike. That was a fun time trying to carry you for most of it. At the end of the hike we got to play on a playground all made from natural elements, which was the best part. Of course you found the one thing with wheels. 

Run around fun time

We spent a fun afternoon at Run around fun time checking out some of the new rooms like exercise equipment. But that paled in comparison to the bouncy house filled with balls. It was so fun to watch you think you were jumping in it, but not knowing how to pick your feet up yet. But then you copied your brother by falling off the sides instead.


The Columbus zoo was free for Veterans day so it was a no-brainer to check it out. You live for animals. You know so many of their names and sounds they make. You go nuts screaming and pointing at the elephants and rhinos with excitement.


We went on a Thanksgiving cruise to Cozumel, Jamaica, and Haiti. We were lucky enough to visit with Nana and Grandpa before and after the trip. It was the first trip where you took no time warming up and jumped into playing with them and even recognized who they were. I had no idea before this trip how much of a beach bum you were. The happiest you were on the whole trip was in the sand filling a bucket. You loved swimming in the pool and the ocean too. The boat had an amazing play room we enjoyed everyday. The balcony snack times were another high point. You loved the carousal, but not as much as your brother.