Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9 months

At 9 months you are turning into a little boy. I trimmed your hair for the first time around the ears and front. The top tooth is just starting to poke out. You wear 18 month clothes. You sleep 6PM to 5:30AM and nap twice around 7:30-9AM and 11:30-1:30PM. You will eat anything and everything. Last night for dinner the macaroni and cheese with peas was a huge hit. You also had yogurt, toast, bananas, oatmeal yesterday. Your fav toys include stacking cups, door stoppers, walk about, stairs, and wipe cases.

Brotherly love

You love your brother so much. Anytime you are crying in the car all RJ has to do is hold your hand and you stop. You follow him around the house anywhere he goes wanting to play with all the big boy toys like train tracks. You should feel pretty luc


When Papa Dick died I didn't think it was a good place to bring you, but wanted to spend time with family so off we went to Boston to leave you at Gammie's for a weekend. It was very hard to leave you because you would cry with new people. But by the end of the weekend you didn't want me to come home and instead became attached to Gammie. You got to play with tons of new toys and spend time with your cousins. At one point Auntie Sam and I heard you bark to copy Zippy.


The climbing stage has begun. You will try to climb the stairs multiple times a day with me standing behind you making sure you don't fall. But you are getting faster and a few times I turned around to find you already half way up.

8 months

At 8 months you still have two teeth and still sleep 6PM to 5AM and nap 2-3 times a day. You eat 5 bottles of 6 ounces each along with solid foods like cereal and bananas, yogurt, and pasta with peas. You eat a mix of baby foods and table foods. You discovered your new favorite thing is to practice climbing the stairs. Your a happy baby for the most part. But we did discover you picked up on your brothers trait of not being okay left with new people. We tried to leave you at the gym daycare and quickly discovered it wasn't going to happen.